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  • You should be alone in the Main photo. Also, it should be close-up of your front profile in Portrait Shape. Your Album photos may feature you with your family/friends.
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Guidelines for adding Horoscope(Birth Chart) to your profile

Select your horoscope birth chart having size of max. 10 mb and it should be same as given here =>


You can also get your free Online Birth Chart from Here*.
*You need to follow these steps to get it work:
  1. Visit the website by clicking the above yellow link.
  2. Fill that form with valid City of Birth and press "submit for horoscope (kundli and predictions)" button to get your free Birth Chart.
  3. After that your Birth Chart (RASI CHART) will appear on the screen.
  4. Right click and save it to your desktop with extension .gif and then upload the same generated chart using the "Select" button here.
  5. Horoscope abbreviations:
    Mo: Moon (चं), Ma: Mars (मं), Me: Mercury (बु), Ju: Jupiter (बृ, गु), Ve: Venus (शु),
    Sa: Saturn (श), Su: Sun (सू), Ra: Rahu (रा), Ke: Ketu (के), La: Lagan (लग्न)

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